Category winners

Best in Class Dealmaker:

Daniel Pilotti

An active angel, who not just wholeheartedly supports his entrepreneurs but also possesses an outstanding ability to draw customers, co-investors, and crucial partnerships for his portfolio companies. His contributions have been invaluable to the Swedish tech ecosystem over time.

Best in Class M&A:

John Hedberg

With a proven track record of exceptional business transactions, including significant sales of companies like Pricerunner and Tink, as well as the pivotal role in merging the former competitors Budbee and Instabox, he has consistently demonstrated outstanding M&A expertise.

Best in Class Strategic:

Jane Walerud

For a long time, she has played a pivotal role in the Swedish startup ecosystem. Known for her courage and for always seeing the bigger picture, she is more than just an investor; she’s a strategic force that challenges and supports her companies all the way.

Best in Class Turnaround:

Ingrid Bojner

With aggressive strategies and a focused commitment to cost and resource optimization, she was fundamental in Storytel’s turnaround from full growth to profitability. A dedicated leader, who passionately goes “all in”.

Best in Class Fundraising:

Harald Mix

Driven by an unwavering desire to catalyze positive change, he has been a force behind several of Sweden's most valuable tech companies. He is not just a fundraising expert, but a visionary who paved the way for a new green billion-dollar industry.

National Representative:

Susanne Najafi

With an impressive track record of identifying and acting on the "blind spots" often overlooked by venture capital, she contributes to national-level innovation. A pioneering role model, who not only in underrepresented groups but also actively bolsters the national ecosystem by investing across Sweden.

International Representative:

Niklas Adalberth

He has redrawn the map for impact and positioned Sweden as its global epicenter. Through the Norrsken Foundation, he has been a catalyst for international expansion for many prominent companies, becoming shining examples of successful innovation.

Most Active Angel:

Björn Magnusson

Over the past years, he has solidified his position as one of Sweden's most active startup investors. With a double-digit number of official deals and a commitment that goes beyond capital, networking, and expertise, he stands as an invaluable catalyst for change and growth in our startup ecosystem.

Mentor of the Year:

Sophia Bendz

An irreplaceable force within our ecosystem, proving her worth as an invaluable board member and dedicated mentor time and again. With an eye for opportunities and with her heart at the right place, she is an obvious winner of the Mentor of the Year award.

Best in Class Networking/Door Opener: Therese Angel

In a short time, she has established herself as a networking star. Backed by a vast network and deeply committed to building bridges and relationships, she is an invaluable partner and gateway for her entrepreneurs.