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Angel Prize is an invitation-only gathering of thought leaders within the Nordic startup and scaleup ecosystem. This gala brings together active leaders, showcasing representatives from all major regions.

An event like Angel Prize puts emphasis on the companies that truly succeed.
Jesper Almström
CEO at EY Nordic Region
Angel Prize is a way to unite the community of Nordic angels so that we can act together and gather strength. There is power in that!
Jane Walerud
Angel Investor & Executive Chairman
We want to contribute and be part of shaping the startup ecosystem to create stronger companies in the Nordics.
Johan Öberg
Managing Director & Senior Partner BCG
Angel Prize plays a crucial role, gathering more people at once so they can meet others they might not have met before and thereby increase collaboration and deal flow.
Mattias Weinhandl
Founder of LIAF
I’ve been to many events over the years, and what stood out was the number of people present, the right individuals one hoped to meet.
Christine Bjärkby 
Angel Investor & Board Member EBAN
All kinds of angels under the same ceiling create a massive feeling of energy and creativity...
Lena Apler
Founder Norion Bank & Private Investor
The energy generated during and before the event was fantastic. Everyone wants to be part of that kind of energy field!
Hélène Barnekow
Angel Investor & Board Professional
Angel Prize just opened thousands of doors in one single night...
Therese Angel
Angel Investor, Advisor & Board Professional
Angel Prize serves an important function in shining a light and encouraging both founders and investors to put in additional hard work for the benefit of the ecosystem.
John Hedberg
CEO at Creades
It facilitated the forging of new connections that are likely to contribute to even greater progress in the future. In essence, it was an enormous energy boost!
Ingrid Bojner
Angel investor & board professional

Angel Prize grew out of the recognition of the scarcity among angels and the need to bridge the gap that fragments the business community.

The first annual Angel Prize proved that it was possible to bring the community together in the same room from all corners of Sweden. It marked the beginning of a yearly effort to unify angels and amplify achievements across the Nordic countries. See more from past events


The event is attended by the most significant contributors in the Nordic region startup ecosystem, chosen for their recognition and defining influence. It also includes founders and leaders from the largest corporations, who have chosen to reinvest their efforts and resources in the local community.


Angel Prize is the biggest gathering of top business angels, family offices, and leading VCs, with representatives not only from the largest cities but from all major regions - unifying the most influential community within the startup ecosystem. 


The intention of Angel Prize is to set a new standard for recognising the community’s significant contributions to the private sector, politically and in the media, to enhance appreciation and understanding among the public, policy-makers and industry leaders. 


The awards ceremony serves to celebrate and honor individuals who have made significant contributions to the startup ecosystem, during the past year. It is a moment to acknowledge their exceptional efforts and achievements, while inspiring others to strive for excellence and engagement within the ecosystem. 


The startup ecosystem is asked to nominate individuals who have made substantial contributions in the Angel Prize Categories over the past year, for the upcoming award. 


Nominated individuals, in each category, will be decided by an impartial committee basing their decisions on a combination of statistics, testimonials, and actual accomplishments.


After the finalists have been selected, the community will cast their votes to determine the award recipients in each Angel Prize Category. 

View the Winners from Angel Prize 2023

Nominations are open for Angel Prize Awards 2024

Nominate an Angel
Best in Class Dealmaker

This nomination goes to the individual who has distinguished themselves by successfully attracting customers or establishing major strategic partnerships for their investments, has demonstrated an exceptional ability to identify and negotiate business opportunities that have resulted in significant advances for invested companies.

Best in Class M&A

This nomination goes to the angel who has demonstrated their competency in merger or acquisition deals. By identifying suitable acquisition opportunities and conducting successful business transactions, this individual has proven to be a significant player in creating value and growth for invested companies.

Best in Class Strategic

This nomination goes to the angel who has excelled by providing in-depth strategic thinking and expertise to their portfolio companies. By providing not only capital but also valuable advice and guidance, this individual has played a crucial role in developing and implementing successful strategies for the company's progress.

Best in Class Turnaround

This award goes to the angel who has played a significant role in transforming and reviving companies that have been in crisis or difficulty. By providing capital, business expertise, and a strategic perspective, this individual has contributed to turning the company's fate and creating a successful turnaround story.

Best in Class Fundraising

This nomination goes to the angel or investment group that has acted as a powerful engine or catalyst to drive growth and development of their portfolio companies. By providing significant capital investments and strategic support, this individual or group has played a crucial role in accelerating the companies' progress and creating value.

Best in Class Networking/Door opener

This nomination goes to someone who has demonstrated outstanding ability to act as a "door opener," by creating business opportunities, initiating important collaborations, and introductions. This award honors the person who has not only built a strong and influential network but also used it generously to support and drive their portfolio companies and others forward.

National Representative

This nomination honors the person who has demonstrated outstanding success at the national level, as well as served as a role model for others and has distinguished themselves by generously sharing their deal flow with others. By inviting others to share in their most profitable and promising business opportunities, this person has contributed to strengthening the national sector and helping other companies grow.

International Representative

This category honors the person who has played a crucial role in acting as a springboard for successful international expansion for companies, and generously sharing their deal flow with others. By providing capital, strategic advice, and established contacts, they have helped companies overcome obstacles and successfully reach new markets.

Most Active Angel

This nomination goes to the angel who is a catalyst for change and growth within the start-up ecosystem. With an impressive number of deals, this person has continuously demonstrated an unrelenting dedication to investing and supporting promising startups, as well as actively engaging and contributing to the ever-growing angel community.

Mentor of the Year

This award goes to the person who has excelled as an outstanding mentor and valuable member of the board for invested companies. By providing in-depth industry expertise, advice, and support, this individual has played a crucial role in coaching and guiding company management to achieve success and long-term sustainability.

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